The dental practice of Marianne Tischer and Dr. Christine Schubert. is pleased to extend a warm welcome to all new and existing patients.

Our practice at Potsdamer Platz sets a high value on a patient-friendly and calm atmosphere that makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable.

In equal measure we provide you with extensive consulting followed by excellence in dental solutions.

Your smile is our priority - and we strive to keep our patients satisfied just as we love to see our aesthetic achievements.

By implementing modern patient appointment management you won't have waiting times in our practice.

In case of unforeseen treatments and resulting delays, we will be happy to inform you by phone.

Also, we offer you a text message service one day prior to your appointment.

Needless to say that appointments can also be arranged by E-Mail.

For many years now, we have been successfully offering a special children's consultation. Here, our young patients are introduced to our dental work within a child-oriented atmosphere. Small groups of children are guided by our assistants through the process of dying their dental plaque and learning proper teeth brushing. Afterwards, additional examinations and treatments are carried out by us dentists.

A beautiful and healthy smile is an integral part of your appearance. Glistening and even teeth state attractiveness, vitality, health, youth and spruceness. Having a healthy smile makes us laugh more often and gives us a boost in confidence and this sympathetic and positive charisma makes us more likely to obtain private and professional success.
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